JURNAL PENGABDIAN MASYARAKAT (ABDIMAS KAUNIAH) https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka <p><strong>JURNAL PENGABDIAN MASYARAKAT (ABDIMAS KAUNIAH)&nbsp;</strong> adalah Jurnal Pengabdian pada Masyarakat yang diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan Universitas Muslim Indonesia Makassar. Jurnal ini berisi hasil-hasil penghiliran penelitian pada bidang perikanan, kelautan, social ekonomi, kewirausahaan, dan lingkungan hidup dan diterbitkan dua kali dalam setahun yaitu pada bulan Juli dan Januari.</p> en-US Thu, 07 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 PEMETAAN DAERAH PENANGKAPAN IKAN PELAGIS KECIL UNTUK MENINGKATKAN HASIL TANGKAPAN NELAYAN DI PERAIRAN KOTA MAKASSAR https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/110 <p><em>Community groups in Untia Village, Biringkanaiya Subdistrict, Makassar City are mostly fishermen whose targets are small pelagic fish such as kites, bloating, lemuru, selar and fishermen still tradisonla. This research aims to map small pelagic fishing grounds in the waters of Makassar City, while its use is as a fisherman information material to increase catches. The data collected is primarily and secondary data, which is analyzed using geographic information systems. The results of the analysis and discussion conducted showed that the prediction map of the potential fishing area of small pelagic fishing in the waters of Makassar City tends to move around and not permanent every time, in the western season is around Langkai and Lanjukkang to the southwest. Conventional methods or habits of experience carried out by his ancestors so that the development is slow and very fanatical with experience obtained for generations must be changed. <br></em></p> Asbar Asbar, Ihsan Ihsan ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/110 Sun, 10 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PENGABDIAN KEPADA MASYARAKAT PELATIHAN PEMBUATAN PETA DAERAH PENANGKAPAN RAJUNGAN (Portunus pelagicus) UNTUK MENINGKATKAN HASIL TANGKAPAN https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/111 <p><em>The use of small crab in the waters of Pangkep Regency has not been maximized, as one of the things done is mapping the ideal fishing area. This study aims to map the fishing area to increase the crab catches. The purpose of this research is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fishermen and to increase the income and standard of living of fishermen. The study was conducted in the waters of Pangkep Regency. Materials and tools used in this study include the global position system, current meter, hand repractometer, DO meter, and pH meter. The data used include primary data and secondary data. Primary data is collected through direct measurements in the field and secondary data obtained from documents that have been produced by related agencies. Data analysis was obtained from laboratory analysis and measurement and geographic information systems. The results of the research conducted were obtained. The location of the adult swimming catch area includes coastal waters, around the island and in particular the outer boundaries of the islands. The criteria for catching area of ​​the crab that is "in accordance" with the area of ​​the waters is 89,131.37 ha, "quite suitable" with the area of ​​the waters is 109,164.87 ha. The criteria for the area of ​​catching crabs that are "not suitable" with an area of ​​water is 4,577.56 ha.</em></p> Muhammad Sulaiman, Ihsan Ihsan ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/111 Sun, 10 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 ATRAKTOR CUMI-CUMI (TEKNOLOGI POTENSIAL DAN TEPAT GUNA UNTUK PEMBERDAYAAN NELAYAN) https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/114 <p>Squid attractor in the waters has a role as an <em>artificial reef</em>, as a squid collector, and as a squid habitat to lay their eggs.&nbsp; It is therefore, the settlement of the squid attractor in a waters region will create a unique underwater view, which are a layer of squid eggs bed.&nbsp; Additonally, the squid attractor can also to be a nursery habitat and at the end it can be developed to be a potencial fishing ground. &nbsp;The problems are facing by partner groups (group Nelayan Mandiri and group Nelayan Sejahtera Bersama) are: 1) problems in production &nbsp;and 2) problems in business management.&nbsp; For producion problems they result in low production and influence the selling price linearly.&nbsp; Whereas, the poor business management will hamper the production system and will reduce the profit of fishermen group.&nbsp; The purpose of the program of the <em>IbM kelompok nelayan cumi-cumi di Kota Makassar</em> is to provide counseling and demo to the partner groups in order to improve their production and to increase their welfare. The approach methods applied in solving the agreed priority problems of the partners during the realization of the program IbM program is to implemen demonstration system as well as counseling method. &nbsp;There are two selected partner groups, namely Nelayan Mandiri Group and Nelayan Sejahtera Bersama Group.&nbsp; The group selection was based on purposive sampling by the facts that both groups have potential good product and market. From the 5 trips trial on the squid attractor, it was found the total catch of squid was in the range of &nbsp;10,8 – 11,2 kg on average.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Muhammad Jamal Alwi, Asbar Asbar, Hasrun Hasrun, Nadiarti Nadiarti ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/114 Mon, 11 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 TEKNIK BUDIDAYA UDANG DENGAN SISTEM POLIKULTUR DI KELURAHAN TAMARUPA KEC. MANDALLE KABUPATEN PANGKEP https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/112 <p><em>Pangkajene Islands Regency is a coastal area where most of the population depends on their life as aquaculture farmers. In this village there is a farmer group "Sipakaenre II" who will become partners in this community service activity. The main problem faced by the shrimp farming farmer group “Paraikatte”, Tamarupa Sub-district, Kec. Mandalle (Partner) in managing his business is the low production in milkfish cultivation because the cultivation activities are still conventional with the monoculture method and the high price of feed. Recently, the price of factory-made feed (pellets) has increased significantly. This service activity aims to increase the production and income of farming communities in the coastal area of ​​Tamarupa Village by conducting: 1) Counseling to groups of pond farmers to provide knowledge, understanding and skills in CBIB-based polyculture shrimp farming techniques, 2) Introduction of polyculture-based shrimp farming technology. CBIB so that farmers can increase production by obtaining yields from both commodities in one cycle of cultivation. 3) Counseling/assistance on the application of group cultivation techniques in the application of the CBIB-based polyculture shrimp farming system. The approach method offered to partners to achieve the objectives of this community partnership program is a participatory method in which partners are directly involved in the implementation of activities from preparation to implementation of these activities. The implementation of the approach method is in the form of counseling and training or demonstration. After this activity is carried out: 1) There is an increase in understanding, knowledge and skills of farmer group partners about shrimp culture technology with a CBIBt-based Polyculture system, 2) An increase in aquaculture production due to maintaining two commodities simultaneously in one cultivation business cycle.</em></p> Muhammad Saenong, Harlina Harlina ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/112 Mon, 11 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PKM SOSIALISASI PENANGKAPAN DAN ALAT TANGKAP RAJUNGAN (Portunus Pelagicus) SECARA BERKELANJUTAN DI PERAIRAN KECAMATAN SEGERI KABUPATEN PANGKEP https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/113 <p><em>Crab catching tools must be sustainable and selective while maintaining their productivity. The fishing gear used so far is not selective and has an impact on the crab. The crab fishing gear introduced to fishermen is a selective crab fishing gear which is expected to increase the productivity of fishermen. Sustainable crab fishing gear can last a long time. It is hoped that with PKM for catching crabs in a sustainable manner in the waters of the Bawasalo Village, Sigeri District, Pangkep Regency, fishermen can selectively catch crabs according to the desired size, where the survival of live crabs is maintained. The selection of fishing techniques and fishing gear for crabs that are operated in a sustainable manner is a strong indicator for the creation of sustainability of crab resources and crab catching efforts. Conventional methods or habits of experience carried out by their ancestors slow down the transfer of technological knowledge to partner fishing groups because they are very fanatical about the experience gained from generation to generation and must be changed. The capacity of the target community to innovate catching and fishing gear for crabs in a sustainable manner. Therefore, it requires an awareness process that begins with a change in mindset, which is carried out through mentoring, skill improvement and community empowerment in a systematic and sustainable manner.</em></p> Mustamin Tajuddin, Ihsan Ihsan ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/113 Mon, 11 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PKM KELOMPOK PENGELOLA SUMBERDAYA ALAM PESISIR KOTA PAREPARE https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/131 <p><em>The</em><em> impacts that occur due to the loss of mangrove forests are very wide, both biological (impact on ecosystems), economic and physical impacts that have a direct impact on the condition of coastal land. This science and technology for the community aims to provide knowledge to each coastal natural resources management group (PSDA) of Parepare City, through a training process on coastal community-based mangrove ecosystem management. This service was carried out from March to July 2018 in the coastal area of Parepare City, precisely in Bumi Harapan Village and Wattang Bacukiki Village. The approach method offered to support IbM activities is counseling accompanied by mangrove planting with a participatory method where partners are directly involved, starting from preparation to the end of the activity. The result in the form of ibm program activities is training. Within the framework of mangrove forest management and preservation, there are two main concepts that can be applied, namely the concept of mangrove forest protection and mangrove forest rehabilitation. The stage of training activities carried out in community-based mangrove ecosystem management in Parepare City is to follow standards by providing modules for mangrove ecosystem management materials. The process of training participants is made in the systematics of the material divided by the topic of the material. The type of output that will be produced based on the activity plan in the research skim proposal of this IbM program is a scientific publication.</em></p> Hamsiah Hamsiah, Asbar Asbar, Danial Danial, Asmidar Asmidar ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/131 Sun, 17 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PKM KELOMPOK PENGOLAH BANDENG PRESTO DI KABUPATEN PANGKEP https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/132 <p><em>Milkfish is a fish that has many thorns, so processing is needed to soften the thorns. One of the methods of softening the thorns of whitefish is high-pressure processing (presto). Presto milkfish of various flavors is one of the product diversifications that will become a business and can improve the welfare of coastal communities. The purpose of the community partnership program activities is to provide knowledge about two aspects, namely: 1) production aspects and 2) management aspects. This activity was carried out on July 26, 2019 Gentung Village, Labakkang District, Pangkep Regency The approach method carried out in this community partnership program activity is a participatory method where partners are directly involved in the implementation of activities starting from preparation to the implementation of these activities. Implementation of activities in the form of counseling and demonstrations. The results and external achievements are products with specifications of presto milkfish with various flavors, namely coto flavor, konro flavor, and pallumara taste. The presto milkfish product is packaged and equipped with a label and will be developed into a sustainable home industry business product. One of the ways of marketing taught to partners is by online marketing through applications and social media through WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. The hope of this PKM activity is that partners will be more creative and productive, especially in making Bandeng Presto products and making a business that can improve the welfare of the community.</em></p> Andi Asni, Kasmawati Kasmawati, Hamsiah Hamsiah ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/132 Sat, 30 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PENYULUHAN DAN PELATIHAN PENANAMAN MANGROVE DI KELURAHAN BIRA KECAMATAN TAMALANREA KOTA MAKASSAR https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/135 <p><em>Bira Village, Tamalanrea District, Makassar City is one of the villages that has extensive mangrove forest potential. The people of the village have a very high dependence on the mangrove ecosystem, but their understanding and concern for the importance of maintaining the mangrove ecosystem is still low, even though in Bira Village there are Community Leaders who have received the Kalpataru Award from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. This PKM aims to increase partners' understanding of ecological and biological aspects and improve partners' skills in mangrove planting. PKM activities will be held on January 5, 2022 in Bira Village, Tamalanrea District, Makassar City. The implementation methods carried out are 1) Education about aspects of mangrove ecology; 2) Education on aspects of mangrove biology; 3) Mangrove planting training. The implementation of the service activities went smoothly and received very high appreciation by partners (Lantebung Mangrove Observer Group); Partners' skills in choosing and how to plant mangroves are improving. The community really hopes to be given assistance in a sustainable manner, not only for ecological and biological interests but also economic interests. </em></p> Andi Tamsil, Hasnidar Hasnidar, Andi Muhammad Akram ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/135 Sat, 30 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PEMANFAATAN IKAN BANDENG (Chanos chanos) MENJADI PRODUK BERNILAI EKONOMIS TINGGI DI DESA BONTO BAHARI KEC. BONTOA KAB. MAROS https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/137 <p><em>Bonto Bahari Village, Maros Sul-Sel Regency is one of the milkfish producing areas The main problem faced by this village is that when harvest time comes, milkfish commodities are abundant so that their selling value decreases and even causes losses to pond farmers. Laskar Jaya Bahari farmer group together with the community partnership program team from the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) are looking for solutions to the problems mentioned above, so the efforts made are the Utilization of Milkfish (Chanos Chanos) into High Economic Value Products. Community service activities were carried out on September 28, 2020 in sabanga hamlet, Bonto Bahari Village, Bontoa Regency, Maros Regency with group partner "Laskar Jaya Bahari.. Such efforts are expected to increase the income of partners, create new jobs which in turn improves the welfare of the community . The expected output target is an increase in the understanding, knowledge and skills of the farmer group "YH Laskar Jaya Bahari about 1. Techniques for pulling out thorns and packaging whitefish 2. Frying technique of whitefish crispy and 3. Knowing how to manage PIRT and Halal certification from MUI. Based on the results of the implementation of the community partnership program for members of the YH Laskar Jaya Bahari group, it is optimistic that it will increase income by increasing the selling value of milkfish by preparing milkfish products without thorns and crispy milkfish with packaging that already has PIRT and halal certification. </em></p> Kasmawati Kasmawati, Hasrun Hasrun, Ernaningsih Ernaningsih, Hamsiah Hamsiah ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/137 Sat, 02 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PEMBERDAYAAN MASYARAKT MELALUI PENGELOLAAN BUDIDAYA IKAN LELE SISTEM BIOFOLOK PADA KELOPOK POKDAKAN DI KABUPATEN PINRANG https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/133 <p><em>People's low consumption of animal protein needs to be increased by providing a quality and affordable source of protein. Catfish, with intensive system cultivation, can answer 2 such oppositions, a source of quality and cheap protein.. The purpose of community empowerment through the management of catfish farming in the biofloc system is that pokdakan partner groups can apply catfish biofloc technology effectively and efficiently. This service was carried out for three months from July 10, 2020 to August 17, 2020 in Langnga Village, Mattiro Sompe District, Pinrang Regency. This pagabdian uses the sausageization method, discussion and demonstration or simulation. The cultivation of the biofloc system is carried out by growing microbes that will decompose the ammonnia from feces and the rest of the feed which is then useful as a source of natural feed for fish. Analysis of the biofloc system catfish business if carried out on 1 pond with a diameter of 3 meters with a water level of 1 meter with an initial investment of RP 1,350,000 and the cost of producing seeds and feed around IDR 1,780,000, the estimated income and profit of 1 period is around IDR 940,000 or a monthly profit of IDR 313,300. presumably the management of biofok system cultivation can be developed even better</em></p> Damis Damis, Muhammad Saenong ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://jurnal.fpik.umi.ac.id/index.php/jamka/article/view/133 Sat, 30 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000